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    On July 3, 2002, God spoke to Pam with a vision. We had just gone to bed and Pam and was trying to go to sleep. She closed her eyes. Not long after, she started seeing different lights going on and off in different areas. One light would come on and then go off and then another light would come and then go off. This went on for a minute or so. Pam thought this was odd and was wondering what exactly was happening. The next thing, Pam heard a voice in her spirit say "Shining Light, Guarded by God". Upon hearing this she thought "Okay" and went to sleep. "Shining Light, Guarded by God" is the meaning of the name we had chosen for our new baby. That name is Ellie Lauren.

    In addition to confirming our choice of names for our new daughter, we also knew that God was trying to tell us something with the timing of the vision. Well, today, July 3, 2003, we received our adoption referral, exactly one year to the day from the vision. We now know that God was telling us the day we would get the referral. God is absolutely amazing!!

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