What we know about Ellie so far is very little. Our referral papers were mostly in Chinese! The translation will be in next week and I will update this page at that time.
Here is what we do know:

Ellie's Chinese Name: Xi Wan Qiu (pronounced Shee Wahn Ch-yo)
Xi is said in the 2nd tone and can mean seat, a place at the table, it is often used as a surname, and as such, really doesn’t have any meaning. (It is possible that all children from this orphanage have this name)
Wan is said in the 3rd tone and means tactful (in speech), gentle, meek, beautiful, graceful, brief, concise
Qiu is said in the 1st tone and means means fall, autumn, harvest season. It can also be a surname.

Ellie's Birthdate: October 7th 2002. Ellie will share her birthday with her Aunt Tammie! It is also just two days after her Uncle Tom's Birthday.

Ellie's Birthplace: Anhui Province in China (Details coming soon)
Ellie's Current Home: Dingyuan Social Welfare Institute (about 50 miles North of Hefei, the capital city of Anhui where we will pick up Ellie)
Ellie's Health: Normal!
Ellie's Weight: 17.6 lbs as of April 29th
Ellie's Height: 26 in as of April 29th

We know that she loves listening to music & playing with toys. She gets along with others well and (contrary to our photos) smiles alot. She is shy but can be obstinate. And she eats and sleeps well.

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